Black Aggregate

Safety Marking pioneered the use of black aggregate in stage construction. By adding a ceramic aggregate the Epoxy acts as a flat black masking agent. This process makes the lines virtually indiscernible at night and during inclement weather. This process eliminates confusing grind marks from the road providing a smooth and clean transition through the work zone. The other use for black aggregate is to add a contrasting marking on concrete roadways, adding a highly visible cue during daytime hours.


AirMark® is a durable preformed thermoplastic pavement marking material for airside use. Whether the need is for linear delineation or horizontal surface signage, AirMark® is best suited for markings such as taxiway, hold position, geographic position, vehicle roadway, aprons, ramps, and at aircraft parking and tie downs. Retroreflective glass beads are intermixed throughout the material so as the marking wears new beads are exposed for retained retroreflectivity. The area can be reopened to traffic within 15 minutes after application. Removal is simple with water blasting.