Safety Marking, Inc. is committed to the combined goal of safety, quality, and productivity.

Our overall safety goal is zero accidents and injuries. All supervisory personnel recognize Health and Safety as a major area of concern requiring constant vigilance and cooperation in preventing injuries and accidents. The primary objective of accident prevention is the physical well being of the employee by protecting him/her from injuries or accidents.

All employees are trained to consistently observe work conditions and equipment operations for the purpose of preventing accidents. Before starting work, Safety Marking, Inc. employees will assess the work conditions and use all available resources to conduct work in the safest manner possible through the use of engineering controls, task planning, and Personal Protective Equipment.

Weekly “Toolbox Safety Meetings” keep all employees updated with Safety Goals and concerns for the continuing goal of accident prevention.

Safety Marking Inc. employees are compliant with all OSHA and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations. Ten (10) Hour OSHA Construction Training is required for all employees.