Mark Kelly: An Insider’s Guide

“The relationship between Mark Kelly at Safety Marking, Inc. and Dale Carnegie Training goes back decades.  The reason is a belief that by learning and demonstrating the Dale Carnegie principles for how people treat each other internally and externally sets a standard company culture which is focused on delivering results.  Trust is strong and communication is consistent which produces a safe work environment as well. 

Mark Kelly and his team at Safety Marking have documented results from the belief that when you invest in employees it will create more enthusiasm and engagement.  Dale Carnegie stated that these were the secrets to successful people.  In fact, famed entrepreneur Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic said, ‘Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.’ Mark has created this type of loyalty with his team by embedding the Dale Carnegie values and principles into the ethos of the company.  We at Dale Carnegie Training are proud of our partnership with Safety Marking because of the small influence our human relations philosophy has had on the organization’s achievements.  Mark Kelly took what he learned, inserted it into the corporate culture, and has realized amazing success,” shares Bob Dickson, President of Dale Carnegie Training.

Mark Kelly of Easton CT, founder and President of Safety Marking Inc. has always stayed true to his vision. Mark Kelly is a man committed to doing what is right for his family, his employees, and his customers. For the past 48 years he has overseen daily operations and led his team with the highest integrity and expertise. For the past few decades Safety Marking Inc. has faithfully served the states of New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Safety Marking’s reputation has been built on cooperation and reliability.

Safety: It’s more than our first name.

Safety: It’s more than our first name.

Mark Kelly of Safety Marking Inc. launches the campaign: Safety, It’s More than our First Name. For almost 50 years, Safety Marking has been tirelessly working to make travel safer. Safer for Pedestrians, the motoring public and air traffic. Every line on every...