In a world where employee loyalty and longevity have greatly diminished, Safety Marking Inc. proudly recognizes 30 years of service.


As a company that is well known for its emphasis on employee training and development and retention, Safety Marking Inc. is proud to recognize Warren Thomas for reaching the milestone of 30 years of service.

“I was lucky the day I walked into Safety Marking, Inc. thirty years ago with little experience. Mark Kelly gave me a chance, he asked me if I wanted to learn something new. I have been learning ever since for thirty years and feel just as lucky today to be working for him as I did the day I walked into the Bridgeport headquarters.” Warren Thomas, a recipient of Safety Marking Service Award honor for his commitment of 30 years.

Safety Marking has embraced a culture of prioritizing learning and development over the lifespan of the company. Acknowledging that it is a crucial measure to stand out amongst their competitors, they have developed a methodology to help engage and retain their talent, providing top-notch customer service to those they serve. One study detailed that 93% of employees. believe they would stay with a company longer if that company took the time to invest in their development. The outstanding achievement of longevity and service demonstrated by Warren Thomas certainly reflects this discovery’s accuracy.

The company recognizes the benefits of developing a tenured, well-trained workforce. By ensuring their employees have a myriad of training initiatives, Safety Marking Inc. engages in risk mitigation by providing education around compliance, safety, ethics, and other tactics necessary for their workforce to be safe at all times. A well-trained workforce reduces the level of risk on the job and leads to increased company profits. Less turnover, improved morale, and an extensive knowledge base result in more productive employees who can assist customers in many ways.

As a company that has been in business for almost five decades, it is phenomenal to acknowledge and recognize employees that have been around for nearly half the life, if not more, of the company. Safety Marking Inc. wouldn’t be where they are today without the dedication and loyalty of their employees.

About Safety Marking Inc.

Safety Marking Inc. is a family-owned business founded by Mark Kelly in 1973 to provide pavement marking services in Fairfield County, CT. Safety Marking Inc. is devoted to consistently exceeding customer and employee expectations through innovation, accountability, integrity, and teamwork. It has long-standing partnerships with the local Wakeman Boy’s and Girl’s Club and the Thomas Merton Center to encourage healthy citizenship and support those in need.

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