Bridgeport, CT Headquarters launches new Layout Truck. The LifeMark® Automated Layout System is designed specifically for the roadway pavement marking industry. Using GPS-based location with real-time kinematics (RTK) and machine vision camera technologies, the system provides line stripers with the ability to accurately record the precise location of roadway markings and store them for future reference during layout and restriping.

“Our new truck is designed to keep boots off the ground and reduce our employees’ exposure to traffic. This makes road layout much safer,” states PJ Clyne, Safety Director with Safety Marking Inc.

This state-of-the-art vehicle and its cutting-edge suite of components is a complete pavement marking layout location and paint system. It records the locations of existing markings via GPS with raw location data which is then processed and improved by LimnTech®. The system applies new layout markings following the pre-recorded GPS data.

The LifeMark® administration page allows operators, and office personnel, to view maps of roads that have been recorded when preparing for future striping. The Administration Page also allows users to drill down into close-up satellite views to assist in planning more complicated layout jobs. Complicated layout patterns are made easy using the LifeMark® Automated Layout System. Using the LimnTech Administration screens allows for planning field work from the office. This feature invites management to view recorded roads and layout requirements for efficient planning of work when partnering with contractors and planners. When changes in conditions or requirements arise, pre-recorded roads can be viewed in the office ahead of time. If a conventional layout crew is needed, the Operations team can then respond with the benefit of a complete picture of the work zone.

Once a roadway is repaved, the original markings can be re-applied in the same location and at the same dimensions without needing to place workers in the flow of traffic. The operator is safely seated within the vehicle throughout this process, in either a single-operator or dual-operator cab design. Austin Cook, Project Manager of Safety Marking Inc. shares “this high-tech solution is designed to keep our highway crews safe and allow the work to be completed much faster and more efficiently than traditional methods.” By incorporating the LifeMark® system into the pavement marking workflow, layout crews are redeployed to more hands-on tasks, thereby increasing layout efficiency, decreasing labor costs, and improving workers’ safety.

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