If you want your company to succeed, you have to reinvest a portion of your profits back into the business. Safety Marking’s Founder and President, Mark Kelly of Easton CT knows this first-hand. He takes his company to the next level by investing in its expansion, which increases the workflow, productivity, and efficiency.

Safety Marking Inc. has recently broken ground on an expansion to their mechanical facility that provides fleet maintenance repairs to ensure vehicle safety. Here, Mark Kelly, Safety Marking’s President, shares his insights on successfully re-investing back into the business.

New Maintenance Building

Luke Papageorge, Special Projects Manager at Safety Marking Inc., is overseeing this endeavor. The facility that currently serves as the maintenance building is 17,000 square feet. The expansion of this building will increase its square footage to 21,000 square feet. The need for expansion came with Safety Marking’s growth rate. Over the past four decades, Safety marking’s fleet has grown from four vehicles to over a hundred. The expanded maintenance garage will consist of new amenities, including a paint loading station, epoxy loading station, pumping station, and an additional lift. This addition to the already existing maintenance building will grant more room to increase the number of working mechanics, resulting in escalated productivity and efficiency.

Mark Kelly shares that at the beginning of the new year, each of Safety Marking’s trucks undergoes a fresh makeover in its maintenance building as part of the company’s preventative winter maintenance protocol. During this process, every truck is stripped and wholly dismantled. Trucks are then repainted and rebuilt to perform as a brand-new truck for the new season. Before allowing these trucks on the job, the fleet undergoes a close inspection and thorough examination as well as intense retesting. Professionals at Safety Marking Inc. take this operation very seriously, as the company fleet motto is “we don’t break down.” The business’s track record proudly upholds this slogan.

Mark Kelly, Safety Marking’s President, invests funds into the fleet and its equipment yearly to maintain, and boost, performance. One of Safety Marking’s protocols includes never leaving equipment outside to ensure that all critical vehicles remain in working condition. Additional investments this year include a brand-new paint truck and epoxy truck.

Fleet Maintenance Improvement 

The addition to Safety Marking’s maintenance building provides the fleet maintenance shop with more vehicles to be serviced. Fleet maintenance capabilities are expected to increase with the building’s expansion.

Safety Marking’s Shop Manager, Jon Baker, is in charge of fleet maintenance at the company. “The phrase ‘failure is not an option’ is our saying in the shop. The fleet has to run in order for the company to succeed, so we strive to keep any downtime to a minimum,” said Baker in regards to the fleet maintenance performance standards at Safety Marking Inc. Over the years, the leading pavement marking business has improved fleet maintenance with its growth. As the fleet grew, Safety Marking’s crew of mechanics grew, too.

Safety Marking’s Founder Mark Kelly says that there is no substitution for preventative maintenance, and everyone’s goal is to work as a team to keep processes moving to set up road crews for successful job execution.

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