Learning Academy

1. Operations Video Learning

Safety Marking’s Essential Equipment and Procedures

These videos will provide essential training on frequently used equipment, daily procedures, and technical processes necessary for maintaining a successful operation

2. Become an Expert

Watching these videos will help you build a foundation upon which to create a career at Safety Marking. There is a great deal more to Pavement Marking than one might imagine. Be patient and learn how to maintain and operate our equipment. Also, learn the why and how of what we do so that you can be safe, effective, and efficient. We respect success and we want you to be successful.

3. Build Your Skill Set

Nothing builds confidence like skills.  The more capable we are as individuals, the more effective our crews will be.

Use these videos to begin building the Operational skills necessary for success at Safety Marking.

4. Learn by Doing

There’s nothing like doing to help us learn. So, although video is a great way to see and hear content, we must get our hands in the learning to truly comprehend the subject matter and acquire the necessary job skills.

Every job requires teamwork. We work together. We leave the yard as a team, and we return as a team. Safety Marking thrives on teamwork. Nothing we do can be done by a single person. Learn together. Work together. Succeed together. That’s SAMETEAM. That’s Safety Marking.

5. Achieve Your Goals

Have Goals?
Great question. What do you want to learn? Do? Accomplish? Set your sights on these, go to work, and create success. These videos will help you create a foundation for further development.

Ready to get started?

Essential Topics

All Road Crew employees begin with the Core FourHand Grinders, Grinding Trucks, Paint Machines, and Paint Trucks.  

Videos are always available for refreshing your memory.  However, in order to become qualified on equipment, you must: 

1) take the full course,

2) log the mandatory hours, and

3) pass the hands-on Job Performance Measure.

All SMA content is protected and only registered users are permitted access. Content duplication and dissemination is a violation of SMC policy and subject to discipline up to and including termination.

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