The Grinder Hog, four-head groover, is now part of Safety Marking Inc’s. impressive fleet.  SMC recognizes the advantages of specialized technology, and the capabilities of the new vehicle are immediately evident according to Department Head, Dan Firpi, “This system has boosted production and increased effectiveness beyond our expectations.  The ROI was immediately obvious.”  

The Grinder Hog has been rolling out of the Bridgeport Headquarters since early June. It can groove pavement for inlaid markings at rates that were previously unattainable.  “With the addition of this machine, we can increase production and provide better results for our customers. It’s good to rely on consistently high production rates and repetitive accuracy.  Our current operator, Mooyad Balu, is doing great work with our new Grinder Hog,” states David Steffens, Director of Operations.

Mark Kelly Safety Marking Inc.’s Founder and President, understands the value of combining the best technology and utilizing the most highly trained operators to ensure every job is done timely and precisely according to DOT standards.

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About Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly of Safety Marking, Inc. started the company in 1973 as a small family-owned striping business servicing Fairfield County, Connecticut. He instilled in it his values of accountability, teamwork, and integrity and managed to redefine the marketplace by setting the industry standard with premium products and services. Mark Kelly’s dedication resulted in Safety Marking Inc. becoming a pavement marking leader, providing top-notch services in New York, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.