Bridgeport, CT, Nov. 14, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Maintaining a long-term partnership in the business sector is an asset to be honored and celebrated, which is precisely why Safety Marking, Inc. is proud to highlight their thirty years of successful partnerships with both Sherwin-Williams®and  Epoplex.

Safety Marking, Inc. has been in business since 1973 and is the pacesetting leader in the pavement marking industry. Starting as a small striping business serving  Fairfield County, Connecticut, Safety Marking now offers eight primary services with offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York.

Mark Kelly, President and Founder of Safety Marking Inc., stated that his company is devoted to consistently exceeding customer and employee expectations through innovation, accountability, communication, commitment, integrity, and teamwork. Safety Marking Inc. also continues to stay true to its vision, with its partners’ help, to be the safest and most professional pavement marking company in the industry.

One of Safety Marking partners, Sherwin-Williams Company, was founded in 1866  by Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams. In today’s world, they carry the title of being a global leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling coatings and related products. Sherwin-Williams® is the largest coatings manufacturer in the United  States and the third-largest worldwide. The company does business in over one hundred and nine countries and employs over thirty-three thousand people. Well- known brands that Sherwin-Williams® products market under include; Sherwin Williams®, Sayerlack®, Minwax®, and Thompson’s® WaterSeal®.

Bob Groundwater, Account Executive at Sherwin-Williams®, shares:  “I’ve known Mark Kelly since the late 80s. We have grown up in the pavement marking industry together, and I have the utmost respect for Mark and the Team at  Safety Marking, Inc. Since day one, Safety Marking Inc. has been incredibly professional. I often bring my Team into the headquarters in Bridgeport to show how professional his operations are run. As a trusted partner, Mark Kelly’s Team  never cuts corners with our products; all his jobs are quality-driven, which makes  us all at Sherwin-Williams®look good.”

Another one of Safety Marking’s proud partners to be celebrated includes Epoplex.  Epoplex is a company devoted to highway safety solutions. They are the premier manufacturer of high-performance epoxy and polyurea pavement safety marking materials. As the top manufacturer of plural component durable pavement marking systems in North America, Epoplex products are both proven and reliable and always highly ranked compared to competitors. The company’s reliability is not only shown through their products but through their professional sales team, as well, as they provide recommendations that are solution-oriented to those who have the daily challenge of finding reliable and safe marking systems.

Mike Downing, National Sales Manager at Epoplex, remarks about the partnership with Safety Marking, Inc:

“Safety Marking, Inc. is one of the premier pavement striping companies in all of the United States. Mark Kelly and his Team are professional, honest, and fair.  He has built his teams around the best of the best, and he keeps building. Mark is always the first onboard for testing new innovations in technology and helping the industry make the roadways safer for the traveling public.

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