While not all businesses are required by law to institute health and safety programs,  they should implement them as a best practice. Here, Safety Marking Inc. explains how having a health and safety plan can help your business and how to set one up today.

Most businesses in the U.S. are subject to compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), an agency within the Department of Labor that dictates specific workplace safety regulations.

While those regulations can help determine an initial framework of best practices, your business may benefit from setting up a health and safety plan specific to your business.

Implementing a health and safety plan demonstrates to your employees that you value their overall health and wellbeing.

As your employees feel more valuable when supported with proper equipment and practices, they will be more likely to get the job done right.

Happy and healthy employees are also more likely to stick with your company, reducing turnover and resulting in a highly experienced workforce.  Additionally, keeping health and safety at the forefront of your job sites can promote your business in a positive light to customers.

People pick up on safety policies and quickly notice when a company takes the time to keep job sites clean, keep emergency kits accessible, and visibly post safety requirements.

Actively promoting and visibly demonstrating health and safety directly reflects on your business as a  whole, which can be a beneficial marketing tactic.

Steve Conlogue, HSE Director at Safety Marking Inc. couldn’t agree more. “Our  Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) effort isn’t a once a week thing or even a  daily thing we do on the job site… It’s an ALL-THE-TIME thing; therefore, the health and safety of our team and the preservation of our environment are fundamental parts of Safety Marking, Inc.

Each of us has the responsibility to make our own safety as well as that of our coworkers and the environment a value not a  priority.

Priorities can change depending on what needs to get accomplished, but our HSE value is the bedrock on which the wellbeing and efficient operation of our business depends on. With few exceptions, all of our HSE practices have evolved from experience and knowledge gained over many years in preventing incidents.

Safety Marking leadership recognizes and embraces its responsibility to provide safe, healthy, and environmentally conscientious working conditions, and our obligation to comply with all federal, state, and local regulations and all HSE  client-requirements.

Safety Marking workers have the responsibility to prevent incidents by following the directions of supervisors, implementing our HSE  policies and procedures, and actively participating in our HSE improvement program. Our philosophy regarding potential HSE issues is, “If you see it – you  own it – take care of it.”

Safety Marking Inc. puts health and safety at the forefront for its employees. To implement a successful plan, it requires educating on safety from the very beginning.

The company introduces its program to all employees on the very first day by providing a safety orientation on work zone safety during training.

A strong plan includes covering safety from all aspects ranging from federal and state requirements to best practices on job-specific equipment and tools. Safety Marking ensures their employees are well-educated on preventative maintenance for equipment, proper troubleshooting techniques, and other job site requirements.

They make sure their job sites are as safe as possible by installing self-supporting lighting systems on trucks for night jobs and reviewing weather, and adapting schedules when necessary.

Through conducting weekly “Toolbox Safety Meetings,” the company continually reinforces its safety mission to ensure it is always top of mind.

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