Making learning and development a key initiative in the workplace is one-way organizations can stand out from their competitors in the industry. Companies that harness the power of employee learning are more agile and competitive. Making learning and development a priority increases employee engagement and retention;  thus, these organizations can attract top talent and promote a higher level of customer satisfaction. Here, Safety Marking Inc. discusses the importance of investing in learning and development in the workplace.

Employee Retention Is More Cost-Effective Than Hiring

Retaining employees is generally more cost-effective than the cost of recruitment,  separation agreements, and reduced productivity while onboarding. A recent study found that 93% of employees believe they would stay with a company longer if their employer invested in their professional development. Companies that invest in learning and development ultimately see those savings by retaining their employees and increased productivity from good morale. Dedicated to this initiative, Mark  Kelly, President of Safety Marking Inc., recently shared, “We recently hired Daniel  King to manage our Learning and Development efforts and I am totally committed  to training our people in every way.”

Risk Mitigation Through Training

The reality is that untrained employees can put your company at risk. Important training initiatives include a focus on compliance, workplace safety, ethics, and appropriate behavior. By ensuring your employees have a strong understanding of maintaining a safe and inclusive work environment, your business can prevent issues from arising further down the line. Companies have a responsibility to their employees to make sure they have a welcoming and healthy workplace. Safety  Marking recently built an addition to their headquarters to have a facility dedicated to their learning and development organization.

Daniel King, Manager of Learning and Development, stated, “This technologically  advanced facility gives Safety Marking Inc. headquarters, the necessary platform for  delivering all types of classroom-based training from mechanical and technical to  regulatory and professional.”

Training Can Help Improve the Bottom Line

Experts always say that employees can be a company’s greatest asset. When your organization uses learning and development to focus on eliminating knowledge gaps and upskilling employees, studies have found that businesses can see a 14%-29%  increase in profits. While learning and development have its associated costs upfront, providing employees with the skills to improve their job and increase productivity pays off. In regards to Safety Marking’s approach, King stated, “I’m  very grateful to work for a company that sees the long-term value in a well-trained  workforce.”

Training Leads to Better Customer Service

Customers often look to employees as experts in their field and expect them to have  a certain level of understanding. Equipping employees with the necessary tools and knowledge around products, services, safety, and overall market knowledge is vital to enabling them to have fruitful conversations with customers. While it is perfectly normal for employees not to know every answer, having the ability to communicate effectively and know where to go with questions instills a level of appreciation from customers. When employees are confident about the information they are sharing, it shows and delivers a much better customer experience.

About Safety Marking Inc.

Safety Marking Inc. is a family-owned business founded by Mark Kelly in 1973 to provide pavement marking services in Fairfield County, CT. After almost five decades of service and growth, Safety Marking Inc. is now a nationally respected leader in pavement markings with offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New  York. The company’s success is based on premium-quality service, innovation,  continuous development, and philanthropic involvement with the community.

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