“I am totally committed to training our people in every way. We recently hired Daniel King to Manage our Learning and Development efforts,” said Mark Kelly, President of SMC.

Daniel brings 25 years of Learning and Development experience to SMC including roles as an Educator, Success Coach, Compliance and Safety Trainer, and Instructional Designer. According to Mr. King, “This technologically advanced facility gives SMC the necessary platform for delivering all types of classroom-based training from mechanical and technical to regulatory and professional. It’s also a perfect space for regular staff meetings.” With the added benefit of a fully equipped double-bay garage, the setup is perfectly suited for seamlessly transferring theoretical learning from the classroom to hands-on application training using the equipment. Having the garage bays attached to the classroom creates an optimal platform for conducting job performance measures (JPM), operator testing, and refresher training. “This addition to headquarters allows Learning and Development to serve the needs of Operations, Safety, HR, and Accounting in an environment specifically designed to promote the acquisition and enhancement of both technical and non-technical skills. This is substantial proof of President Mark Kelly’s dedication to making SMC a learning-focused organization. I’m very grateful to work for a company that sees the long-term value in a well-trained workforce,” said Mr. King.

The state-of-the-art facility was officially opened for training in May when a group of new hires were brought in for Orientation. The 4300 square foot facility includes a classroom, office, and double-bay garage.