Currently, there are approximately 200,000 service members exiting the military each year and most are looking for work in a related field; in an environment where they can utilize their military experience. A key part of successfully transitioning from military service back into civilian life is finding sustainable employment in an industry that aligns with the veteran’s disciplined skill set. Safety Marking Inc. recognizes the unique strengths and aptitudes that emerge from years of military service. Job candidates with a military background often bring valuable skill sets to the workforce, particularly in the construction industry where leadership, interpersonal skills, reliability, and a strong work ethic are essential.

“My military background has more than prepared me for success at Safety Marking Inc. My time in the Army has led me to my current role as an Epoxy Shooter, as a leader and a role model. The overall experience and core values I’ve obtained through my time served are the pillars on which I lean heavily in every aspect of the job every night and every day.” explained Richard Pratt, Epoxy Shooter in his fifth year at Safety Marking.

Mark Kelly, Safety Marking Inc.’s Founder and President, knows a lot about what it takes to excel in a leadership role in the pavement marking industry. As a business leader, Mark Kelly has learned what skills are most critical in the industry and he continues to lead his team by upholding the companies’ core values: innovation, accountability, integrity, and teamwork.

“As we continue to take a proactive approach in our recruiting outreach at Safety Marking Inc., our focus includes targeting applicants with a military background. In 2021 we increased our veteran workforce by signing on three new applicants to our existing roster of nine veteran employees.” shared Kelly Lavoie, Human Resources Manager/EEO Officer at Safety Marking.

There are many reasons to hire a veteran. One of the most consistently cited reasons is the fact that veterans are conditioned to succeed. Most military veterans have a very strong work ethic, reporting for duty is fundamental to service members. The military can be unpredictable, and veterans are often used to working flexible schedules and preparing for the unexpected. These are among the many reasons applicants with military experience are a good fit for work in the Highway and Heavy Construction industry.

“I think a veteran applicant can prove to be an ideal candidate for transitioning to a highway and heavy construction company such as Safety Marking Inc. Military personnel are used to working in a highly structured environment, often in demanding roles where leadership and work ethic are paramount. Military veterans come equipped with a high level of expertise, including proficiency in operating procedures and safety training aligning nicely with the construction industry’s employment needs.” said Anthony Ordway, National Account Executive and U.S. Marine Veteran of RecruitMilitary

The transition from military service to civilian life can be challenging. Companies seeking to hire applicants should engage with the military, open a pipeline, and build a foundation within the military network to increase their overall applicant pool. Safety Marking Inc. believes in this philosophy and would like to help bridge the transition between military experience and civilian life.

Brian Palmer, Senior Foreman, comments on his experience: “I served six years in the United States Marine Corps. It is not always easy to find work as a veteran, however the transition to Safety Marking was not hard for me. In the military you learn structure, discipline and how to move forward. These are the fundamental tools that have been instrumental in my career as a Foreman with twenty-two years at Safety Marking.”

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