Mark Kelly, Safety Marking’s Founder and President, reflects back on 2020 and highlights the company’s accomplishments from business partnerships to new cybersecurity.

Safety Marking Inc. is a family-owned pavement marking service business. In 2020, on top of maintaining leadership in the industry, Safety Marking Inc. developed business partnerships, new online learning and development initiatives, and improved cybersecurity.

Mark Kelly, Safety Marking’s Founder, shared that the company carried consistent and successful operations during the 2020 pandemic and even brought new team members on board in the Safety (HSE Manager) and Finance (Controller) departments.

Establishing business partnerships can take any company to the next level. Safety Marking Inc. proudly partners with Sherwin-Williams®, MRL Equipment Company Inc., Potters Industries LLC, Epoplex, 3M, Hog Technologies Inc., and multiple other well-recognized businesses.

Safety Marking Inc. creates strong relationships with its business partners by first identifying partners who can become trusted advisors. This identification process leads to successful partnerships that embody genuine interest in helping one another tackle business obstacles and needs.

“Safety Marking is a terrific organization whose effective timely communication has proved key to our successful partnership. They identify problems quickly and work with our team as a true partner, so we are equipped to arrive at the best solution. Safety Marking, Inc. is a fair organization, and they understand the balance between cost and quality. They are innovative and committed to leading the way in their market territory, which pushes us to continually improve as well,” said James Crocker, Founder and President of Hog Technologies Inc.

Mark Kelly, Safety Marking‘s Founder, invests back into the business and his employees. Safety Marking Inc. has used this past year to enhance learning and development within the company. In 2020, SMC launched its Online Learning Platform — Safety Marking Learning Academy. “The Academy allows us to literally put learning in the employees’ hands. Producing all our online content in HTML5 means learning on any device, anywhere, anytime. From quick just-in-time (JIT) videos to full-length qualification courses, the Academy offers our employees convenient and effective learning in support of both Operational and Professional skills development,” explains Daniel King, Manager of Learning Development.

The blended learning approach Safety Marking uses includes three primary learning environments: Online Learning, Instructor-Led Training (ILT) classroom learning, and On-the-Job Training (OJT). The company’s Training Facility is used to train employees on safe procedures, effective use of machinery, and professional skills such as Communication, Accountability, and Teamwork.

The pandemic led more organizations to take advantage of the world wide web to continue business despite social distancing protocols. Along with the use of the internet comes the good and the bad, which is why Safety Marking Inc. has increased its cybersecurity. Safety Marking teamed up with EBM Inc. IT Solutions Provider to adapt security enhancements and services like real-time ransomware protection, cybersecurity risk assessment, and dark web monitoring. These technological additions help Safety Marking keep email accounts and passwords safe, assess and manage IT risks, and secure reliable internet connectivity.

“Mark Kelly and the Team at Safety Marking are a pleasure to work with. As a longstanding partner, they are knowledgeable and professional and have an aptitude for technology advancements. They listen and trust our advice and have embraced security enhancements within the company,” shares James Daly of EBM Inc.

About Safety Marking Inc.
Safety Marking Inc. of Bridgeport is a family-owned business founded by Mark Kelly in 1973 to provide pavement marking services in Fairfield County, Connecticut. After almost five decades of service and growth, Safety Marking Inc. is now a nationally respected leader in pavement markings with offices in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New York. The company’s success is based on premium-quality service, innovation, continuous development, and philanthropic involvement with the community.

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