Hydro blasting is a technique that has come to be used across many industries for multiple purposes over recent years. Hydro blasting enables crews that possess state-of-the-art equipment to safely clean job sites with the use of ultra-high-pressure water as the propelling force. Here, Safety Marking Inc. details some of the most common applications of hydro blasting.

Our specialized hydro blasting equipment designed by Hog Technologies, Inc. is also used for cleaning and prep of airport runways. With varying levels of pressure, we can prepare the surface, making the surface optimal for the application of pavement markings.

Safety Marking, Inc is committed to always looking to the future. We are constantly working with industry leaders on testing and developing the next generation of pavement markings. Safety Marking maintains one of the largest fleets of epoxy trucks in the northeastern US.

Why Use Epoxy?

• Epoxy pavement markings utilize a double drop bead system that provides the highest level of wet night reflectivity.

• Wet night visibility means the line will be visible when it is needed the most, during inclement weather.

• Epoxy pavement markings have a “useful life” of 3-5 years. The term “useful life” means that the lines will be visible in all weather conditions for that 3-5-year window.

• Epoxy lasts up to six times longer than traditional paint striping. Due to the longevity of the epoxy markings, we reduce potential hazards to the traveling public by eliminating the need to re-stripe the markings on a yearly basis.

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