Epoxy Pavement Markings

Safety Marking maintains one of the largest fleets of epoxy trucks in the northeastern US. 



The Benefits of Epoxy Striping

  • • Epoxy pavement markings utilize a double drop bead system that provides the highest level of wet night reflectivity.
    • Wet night visibility means the line will be visible when it is needed the most, during inclement weather.
    • Epoxy pavement markings have a “useful life” of 3-5 years. The term “useful life” means that the lines will be visible in all weather conditions for that 3-5 year window.
    • Epoxy lasts up to six times longer than traditional paint striping.
    • Due to the longevity of the epoxy markings, you reduce potential hazards to the traveling public by eliminating the need to re-stripe the markings on a yearly basis.