Specialty Items

Hydro blast Removal

Safety marking has a 40,000 psi hydro blast removal operation “The Stripe Hog”. With oscillating heads capable of making a 48” pass it can remove all types of pavements with zero damage to the pavement surface. It is also used for rubber removal on runways and removal curing compound for concrete Decks.[tubepress title=”false” video=”IMnTUYvIJ24″]


Shot Blast

We have a line of ride on shot blasters used for surface prep and line removal on all concrete surfaces. Our tractor mounted units are perfect for removal or prep for jobs in parking garages or any hard to get areas. Shot blasting leaves little or no scaring on the surface of the concrete just a clean finished surface.


Black Epoxy

Safety marking pioneered the use of black epoxy in stage construction. By adding a ceramic aggregate the Epoxy acts as a flat black masking agent. This process makes the lines virtually indiscernible at night and during in climate weather. This process eliminated confusing grind marks from the road providing a smooth clean transition through the work zone. The other use for black epoxy is to add a contrasting marking on concrete road ways adding a highly visible cue during daytime hours.


Recessed Pavement markings

Safety marking has developed a recessing operation to meet the growing demand for this process. We can recess a line 50‐90 mills below the surface of the road providing a smooth cut with vertical edges. This process protects the line from plow damage and traffic wear improving reflectivity and the life of the line.